Myndlist vikunnar: Anna Ihle in SÍM

annaihleWhat is this exhibition in SÍM?

The Sim show is called RANDOM, and that’s exactly what it is: random. 12 artists staying at the SÍM recidency, showing their work.

What are you showing?

I’m showing a photo series called Sleep Tied. Series I’ve been working on here. I spent the summer on the Russian border Imatra, Finland, doing stone carving. I divided my days; 8h work 8h recreation 8 sleep.
I carved out the word J-O-B-J-O-B.

When I left for Finland in the summer to rock carve, and I brought a pile of books I had planned to read during my daily 8h of reacreation. On post-fordism, Norwegian contemporary work life, mental health and some psychology books on self control. However, after 8 h of work, I didn’t read them. I brought the pile to Reykjavík.

What else is up?

I have collaborated with the Living Art Museum for a show which is on there now, and I’ve chosen workds form their collection to show alongside my works. The collection is impressive! Tons of artist books – really inspiring; now I feel like books.